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Chat for free with others around the world right from one of the most popular browsers

Chat for free with others around the world right from one of the most popular browsers

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Program license: Free

Program by: Yahoo

Version: 0.8.288

Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac Android


Program license

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Program by




Works under:

Also available for


Mac Android

Yahoo! Messenger is instant messaging service that is integrated with Facebook chat. It allows for you to instantaneously chat back and forth with friends and family no matter where you are located. Yahoo! Messenger now allows for you to play games, send videos, update your Facebook status, video chat, voice message, check out radio stations, use emojis, as well as talk with your friends.

Yahoo! Messenger has the feel of a more traditional instant messaging service melded with the modernity of Facebook chat. It can be a bit heavy for people who are interested in a simple interface. Those familiar with Yahoo! Messenger before its integration with Facebook chat will find that it works much the same way as before. Yahoo! Messenger does allow for a one-stop internet visit instead of using multiple websites to chat, video conference, and play games. For Yahoo! lovers, this instant messaging service is great.

The video and voice quality is good, especially for how many other things are working simultaneously. It is compatible with Windows operating systems as well as Andriod, IOS, and Blackberry.

The recent update allows for users to see their contacts that they have recently talked to, tab their instant messages, archive materials, and quickly get to all those emojis that everyone knows and loves.

Yahoo! Messenger is a great choice for those who wish to chat and to use the video conferencing portion of the program. It has not lost the traditional Yahoo! feel with its recent merger with Facebook. It can feel very overwhelming for beginners unless they have some background with Yahoo! already.


  • Offers many ways to be social with friends online
  • Good video confrencing and voice messaging quality
  • Completely free
  • Retains the traditional Yahoo! Messenger feel
  • Integrated with Facebook


  • Can be difficult to use
  • Very heavy interface that is not user-friendly
  • A bit dated method of communication