Communicate with friends and colleagues through a popular messenger service 

Communicate with friends and colleagues through a popular messenger service 

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Program license: Free

Program by: Yahoo

Version: 2.0.4

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows Mac


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Windows Mac

Yahoo Messenger takes the classic messenger program that you used on your computer and brings it into the digital age to let you chat with friends on your phone. It's great for those who hate texting and those who have a good data plan.

Depending on your age, you might remember the good old days when everyone talked online via Yahoo Messenger and similar apps. Though you might use text messages pretty often today, this app can help you recreate the fun you had during your teen or college years. The downside is that there aren't very many people using this app. You may have a hard time convincing your friends to give it a try too.

The app gives you the option of logging in under your Yahoo email address or user name, but you must have a Yahoo account to use it. It will import your email contact list to help you connect with friends and loved ones. You also have the option of signing in under invisible mode, which lets you see users currently online without them seeing you. This is great for those days when you want to check your messages or send a message to an offline user without your other contacts seeing you.

Near the top of the screen is a small button that has your user name on it. When you click the arrow on this button, it brings up a drop down menu that lets you change your status. You can go invisible, let others know that you are available to talk or change your status to busy while you deal with other things. This menu also includes a sign out option that will automatically sign you out of the app.

This app will also show you all of your contacts and the most recent message they listed, which lets you know where they are and what they are doing. You can view their current status and the last message shared between the two of you too. Yahoo Messenger has a tagging option that lets you tag your current location to show your contacts where you are in the world. You can also use the app to share and send photos to those on your contact list. Though many people today prefer texting to messaging apps, some users will prefer staying in touch via Yahoo Messenger.


  • Lets you sign into your account or sign in under invisible mode
  • Has lots of features for chatting with friends
  • Is very similar to the original version that you used on a computer
  • Includes a tagging feature for tagging your current location
  • Lets you change your status based on whether you are available or not


  • Many people prefer texting to using a messaging app
  • You must have a Yahoo account to use the app
  • It requires that you log into your account each time you use it